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these guys always look like they are having a great time and get better every year - well done

Good film for a school team - well produced musical with a good message, I think the swearing let it down imo it was unnecessary - especially because of the actors age it felt trite and forced would have been stronger without it.

Great job as always from these guys - well done - good acting fun and solid production

Great Job by such a young team! If you took their age into consideration this would have been the winner IMO!

Great concept the graphics were well done cool idea - could have animated the health bar so it dropped in some scenes - just wish that the "in game" sections had been done from a perspective that make it look a bit more like a game... maybe 1 person with gun in shot etc. also needed a few more specific shots to cement the story and big ending. Sound would have made a massive difference to the film to things like having the sound of the sliding door when you see it being opened rather than silence - it seemed sound was missing from a lot of the shots. Still really well done for a young team.

Based on a good Idea, I just got lost a bit as the story wasn't super strong through out few to many long shots of the martial arts school just shot from the front - maybe a few shots from in the training group varying the angle etc...
But well done... the general quality of filming is coming up each year.

Story was reasonably strong would put it in my top 4 of heat 2. Production values were OK but not as good as I was expecting from a team that did the camera work for Touching Cloth in previous years. (I expected the cinematography to be better)
Still well done and I would expect it to be in the NP finals.

These actors need to be on TV or in a feature film! They are so funny...
Best production values of any Naki film Ive seen so far and far and above the best acting. Good execution of the genre. Cinematography was amazing with the aerial shots etc.
Ending was great - not expected.... look forward to seeing it again as there seemed to be lots attention to detail and little touches that could be missed on first view...
I like how they took a simple gag and fleshed it out into a strong short.

Still have a couple of films to see from heat 1 but so far this is by far my No1 pick.

Well produced, didn't quite nail the race against the clock genre for me didn't get much sense of urgency, and after the first 20 seconds you knew where it was going to end - however still one of the better Naki films I have seen - colour grade was a bit heavy handed imo seemed to blow out the highlights a bit, and there was a bit of an audio buzz coming thought in the background that I didn't hear in other films....

Well done - in my top 4 so far.

Well produced, camera work was good... story was interesting enough - one issue I had was when the car park was "Stolen" but she parked right beside the other car anyway!?
Few white balance adjustment here and there and some extra background sound and effects added and this would have been exceptional - well done.

Fun little film - interesting take on "time travel" (funny and clever but a bit of a cop-out on the genre IMO) the narration was excellent and script was well written.
The biggest downfall for me was the attention to detail in the animation - would have given an extra couple of stars if they had taken the time to draw the animation on a piece of paper big enough to fill the full screen rather than have the edges showing... that kind of spoiled it for me.

Nice images... That's all I can say I guess...
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Nice images ..... That's all I can say I guess...

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Nice images ......... Not much more to be said I guess...

All I can say is wow super cool. Great acting. Professional filming and editing.

Good script. Good production values considering. Well done.