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I thought this was a fantastic effort for a 48hour film. Had a few minor sound issues, but overall it was really enjoyable and it had me laughing the whole way through. It had a great response from the audience and I think a lot of people are quite keen to buy a bunny onesie now! Like the others have said, I think this is a real contender for the Wellington regionals. Good luck.

Good job with a pretty hard genre. The makeup was great, and the robotic acting was hilarious. The scene where they are all sleeping around/ on the bins was funny, the upside down guy was the best. Was a bit hard to follow in some places, but overall was an awesome effort for a 48hour film.

Well this film looked great and i appreciate how much effort was put into this film. However, I had no idea what was going on the entire time. I couldn't really pick up on a storyline. My fav part was near the end when death / the skeleton came, that was badass and the visuals were really cool. Good on you for doing something different though!

The dialogue between the two main characters really made this film. Had some hilarious moments, especially the unexpected graphic violence half way through. It included some beautiful shots, I really liked the shot as the two girls enter the barn. Nicely put together, well done.

Really clever ending on this film, had a good set up so the audience did not get what they were expecting at the end. Some great acting, especially by the hostage. Had some really funny moments.