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I'm not sure if you'll be able to top the bread one from a few years back for me, it such a favourite of mine, but crab continues to make really really good work. Best holiday movie so far for me for sure! Classic crab weirdness and costuming. Really great story telling and the very merry ending. Loved it. Would love to see crab in ultra soon but what else is there to say. Just more really good work from the Crabs.

The surprise I got when I saw Dolphin's name in the school heat again, I don't know what you guy's did to pull that one off but I have to admit, I'm glad for it. Gutted about the dq, but that's not the first run in this team seen with a dq before. I'd usually be more harsh on teams that miss the hand in(especially veteran teams) but having seen the film, it's clear that ultra was really challenging for you guys. Firstly the lack of a really great team tag was the first red flag that this was a tough year for you guys. Not to mention dance film and split screen. But let's all be honest here, Dolphin know who they are and know what they deliver. This was by far and away the best film of the heat. Whether or not it's better than their last entry with the rappers is up for debate. You guys could've easily fell into the back to back same genre trap and make basically the same film as last year but you chose the hard route and did it really well. The inclusion of so many shots on screen was bold and it paid off. That's a lot of shooting and a lot of planning. Your trend of listening to past years criticisms and getting better was clear again. This was a dance film. Not a "hardly a musical". You were playing age appropriate characters, not a 17 year old business manager and film director. It too, paid off. Dolphin was ambitious. The story was tight, and crisp. The range of different characters and their actors made for a really awesome contrast. Costumes, dialogue, theme songs, dances, personalities. It all made for some really good story telling. As we expect every year with this team. Cinematography was as always, the best in the heat. Audio this year wasn't as sharp as it usually is but I'd put that down to time.
I said it last year, but it's even more clear now. Dolphin for the past 5 or so years has been the bar that all other school teams are shooting for, or at least should be. The internet dating one, the one with the brothers, last years Versace Flows. The "Dolphin" legend is very real and if this year is the last time we see Dolphin in the school then you've easily left behind the best record for a school team. Still the only ultra school team to my knowledge too. Gutted about that dq. This would've been almost a shew in for best school team in my opinion. But congratulations about all you've done Dolphin. I'm sure we'll be seeing more big things from these guys for many years to come.

Firstly a ton of credit for the execution of one of the more difficult genres, a lot of teams struggle with real time. Acting and dialogue kept everyone on the edge of their seats the whole way through. The use of the game element to ground the drive the film forward was just really smart. Great production and great story telling. What else is there to say. This team really has kept a really consistent high quality over the years. Keep at guys, really good work!

The 48 Hours is all about having a fun weekend. Especially for the school teams. Get the feeling this team was having fun throughout the weekend and it translated with some funny gags here and there. That said, it was a bit all over the place as this team probably knows. Swing bit was funny and cruel though.

This is what these school heats are all and I love it. Short and sweet and very adorable. Great seeing some of the teams get younger and younger(pun intended) every year. Time travel idea was fun and the gag at the end was priceless. "Timetravel"! Just keep learning and start challenging your ideas and creativity and keep it fun. Would love to see this team again next year.

A classic 48Hours tradition... If someone in the team has a drone, you use it. That always gives me a good laugh. A lot of good work here with The Run. Cinematography was a treat, was one of the better shot film in their heat. The shot through the school, enough said. Terrific camera work team. That was about where the coming of age genre felt most at home though. When you think of coming of age films you think of Stand By Me, Juno, Superbad, The Breakfast Club. The Run felt more at home as a dystopian and there's nothing wrong with that as the films tone was consistent but still, important to remember to use your given genre as much as you can. The plot was very vague at best. Really wasn't clear why any of the characters were doing what they were doing or what the stakes were to make any of us care. Was the tension all coming from the Anakin, Revenge of the Sith type dreams or was there some type of actual punishment? Very very ambiguous. But I think this team knew that and made careful consideration in their planning and acting and I do think this team was probably the best option for winners of heat one outside of another teams disqualification. You were lucky to be held up by the use of drones and gimbles but I'm not sold The Run would hold up that wasn't the case. You guys have a lot of potential. Stick at it. Keep working on your genres, story telling, production, and you guys could possibly see more success.

What is there to say with crab crab crab at this point. Crazy funny and knocked it out of the park again this year. Keep doing your thing guys

Having once competed in a team in polytech I was seriously impressed with Dolphin this year. Make no mistake, this team has developed quite the reputation over the years and even got a shout out as the lone school ultra team(which is extremely brave of them to opt into). Though this team seemed to have lost their way in story telling in previous years they have always taken on criticism and learned to where they have made their most full and complete film. The story telling of their first years and the insane production of the last two all culminated in this short. A unique and funny story that has swapped the classic extreme wackiness(crazy eyes and ball jokes to a suit, cross dressing to a rapper..) with smart and perfectly timed comedy. Though only just making it across the line as a musical, the story itself had no loose ends and had been crafted perfectly. The acting was the best of the heat with every character bringing their own style and charisma.
Having the heat start with a team tag that later proved to be better than some of the other shorts was impressive. Another area of insane improvement is production! The days of out of focus shots and terrible audio seem long gone as visually this could've competed(and beat some) in an adult heat. Crisp audio and autotune and best cinematography of any school team i've seen. This team I imagine are at the end of their days as a school team but have proved themselves as one the smartest and unique school teams I believe this competition has seen and if they continue to compete and learn they will prove themselves to be a serious contender in five years time. You guys should be proud of what you've achieved and the legacy you've left in the school comp.

Funny, well acted, good production with the minor audio issues. The story was cute and compact and was very tight! Shame the competition in the heat was so high because this was a gem! Well done

Killed it in the production and the idea was creative and tried something so have to give props for that. Tracking shots were nice and the leads were good. Very complete! You guys should be proud of what you managed to do in 48 hours

Though the acting was very deadpan and funny the story was utterly all over the place and the production was very bland. Wasnt quite enough to be particularly memorable and didnt quite reach high enough to be taken that seriously.

Not surprised its already been mentioned but was very black mirror inspired. You decided to take the genre very literally and though you had some great editing and good cinematography the story was very flat and it really seemed to drag in the middle. I couldn't quite tell if you ran out of time or what happened but the ending was very weak and left the story feeling very incomplete and slow. Defiantly in the better end for this heat but neither good or bad enough to be overly memorable.

Firstly this team was extremely young so props for doing what you were able to do. Age aside this short was cute and genuinely funny but when compared to the rest of the heat this was quite the anomaly because it really seemed to hook the audience but when looking back the story was almost nonexistent. Though the gags were perfectly timed the story seemed completely lost in some poor camera work. The story didnt quite seem to come across until the end so against the rest of the heat this short didnt stand up for me but they seemed to be the youngest team and they should be extremely proud but.

A funny lead but the monster doesnt mean go straight to the blair witch. Unfortunately there was so much potential in the genre and the talent, both on screen and behind the camera but story left it looking very bare when compared to what came just before it. You have to work on fleshing out the story and remember that dialogue can be used for more than just landing gags. Drone shot was a nice touch but story is key.

First of all this team seems young so be proud of what you managed to achieve. Some of the effects were creative and used at just the right times to add to the story. On that note, the story was simple and kinda cute but did leave it a tad forgettable in such a large heat. Production is where this one starts to fall down though. Overall was cute but the poor production left it with not quite enough to stick the landing.

From a very strong and funny start(some of the best gags in the heat) to a very convoluted and confusing middle and end. The gags hit well and you didnt take yourselves that seriously but ended up losing me as soon as we were in the kitchen looking for the perfect knife. The post interview, though funny, did seriously lose any pace it had and brought it to a stark stop just for some cheap laughs to an extremely random ending. Wouldve liked to see a more creative take on the genre as it was very stock standard but for a school team and compared to the heat you guys defiantly did well.

Was a tight short. You kept to genre very nicely and were creative. The leads did well and there was a nice few laughs thrown in to boot. Overall though was just alright but defiantly much potential here so stick at it!

So much potential with the genre but was quickly thrown away with this vlog storyline. Could have fleshed out the emotional element that you started with but what we got was a migraine inducing shaky mess. Felt like you guys just had to run with the idea you got with a challenging genre.

Sorry to say but i had no idea what this was about. Unfortunately it was completely forgotten in a school heat that started so strong and by the time this came around it was already were up against a lot. Keep at it and keep learning is all i can say.

Thought the acting was hilarous, our whole team was laughing at the pizza boys lines. You guys turned something that should have been very crude into something clever.
I'd love to see this make city finals but who knows...

Great lead but other than that I couldnt even remember enough to really give this one a proper review. Guys remember story is key

Sad to not see dolphin fire this year. Was hoping to see a back to back win for this school team but they seemed to have lost their way and got caught up in the technical side while forgetting how amazingly they can tell a story. Next year try go back to your roots and remember that better audio doesnt make for a better short(and yes great job on the audio this year). Overall this school team has lots of potential in the years to come.

Bloody good make up and effects. Very impressive.

This short achieved quite a nice tone and style too.

Considering this team had puppet genre they actually didnt do too bad. Started to fall away with the editing but if you stick with it then the potential to make some really awesome shorts is there.

Acting was supported by some fun acting and as usual you guys nail the cinematography!

Unfortuntly not as strong in story as your last effort but you guys are growing and are again one of the stand outs of your heat.

Another good short from you guys!
Nice wee story that was carried by good acting and smart writing.

You're cinematography in this short is something next level.
Please please please not get dq'd next year but other than that, keep up the good work.

Audio seemed a bit choppy but besides that I found myself really enjoying this one. Tight story that was executed well.
Good job

You guys seriously killed the production! Caught my eye instantly.

Again very quirky and beautifully executed.
The PSA idea was very smart but felt light but still very ahead of most of the competition so I expect to see this one in the city finals.

Again TBALC hit it out of the park and then some.
Had me in stitches and was without a doubt a stand out of the heat. Don't want to potentially spoil this short for anyone so I'll keep it short by saying I look forward to seeing this in the city finals.

Exactly what we all expect from The Eh Team... And a lot more! Brilliant story, beautifully shot, the dogs! Really not much that you could fault on this one. Great job

One of the better films but was way to overdone and over acted.

Over acted piece that looked like it belonged on stage then on film. This film wasn't great but I laughed and there were entertaining features so I can give it an above average rating. If you had better technology (a recurring theme throughout the heat) it would have been even better.

A over done film that came across rushed. Needed to stick to genre a little better and the editing and acting wasn't the best,

Man, I decided to go back and look at what I said last year about this team that got voted number one in Christchurch! What I said was "Wow!!! Great film!! Best in the heat by far. It's a shame it got DQ cause it would have done great. The acting was great, editing good and very good idea to use the ball as they did! I cant wait to see what this team can do next year because there is things to work on but this is a film that will be hard to top.". I think this team COMPLETELY bettered improved in all aspects of film making! I cant believe the skill they have and I wish I had there teachers at my high school because I can see them becoming a major power house in this comp. They know who they are, what to do and they have a style that is very "Dolphin" and its great to see that they can improve a narrative and technical skills so much over a year. I think they can go very far this year and they stack up and beat many adult teams so just wow!

For me this was one of the most disappointing films of the first 3 heats. It was boring,predictable,terrible acting and technically terrible. Try not to break the camera line after every shot and focus on the basics and ACTULY USE THE TRAIT! A lot to work on if you plan on doing the comp again next year but there is potential in this team.

This is a good attempt at a shock ending that was short and sweet. The ending was great, match cut was incredible and the acting really made it feel like it real. My problems was that it was a little predictable and then when everyone was running reminded me of when I went to see the first Hunger games movie with a really bad headache.

Well where to start. It was a pretty film that was shot well, the narrative matched the genre, editing was clean. It started to lag on but my main problem was after watching your film last year I realised that it was the same film you did last year so a lack a creativity. This team cant keep making the same film every year.

Wow! Great film! Best in the heat by far. It's a shame it got DQ cause it would have done great. The acting was great, editing good and very good idea to use the ball as they did! I cant wait to see what this team can do next year because there is things to work on but this is a film that will be hard to top.