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What a contender! Definitely my favourite from the heat. LOVE the concept.

I found myself giggling aloud a lot at this adorable film. Great performances from both lead actors, and some great cinematography.

Only let down by the slight sync issue, as pointed out already, but it was forgivable.

Would be very surprised if I don't see this one at the Auckland finals.

Really loved this film. Great production quality in both audio and visuals. I guessed the ending pretty early on but there was some great misdirection that made me doubt my assumption.

Can't say I was a huge fan of the use of the sound effect - it did stick out like a sore thumb, but to be honest, I can't think of anywhere better to put it in this film.

Really hoping this team enters again next year - I'd love to see what they come up with. Well done, The Hive!

Ah, Chess Club, always one to watch out for...

I was a huge fan of this concept, but I think it would have been more cohesive in a 7-minute cut. Liked the use of that dreaded Wilhelm scream. Enjoyed the lead's performance.

Great art direction, and the costumes were incredible, though I found the story to be a little hard to follow.

Good on this team for taking a risk.

Big fan of the concept, if a little unoriginal. The 'twist' was obvious. Would have liked to have seen something a little less full circle. Thought the flashback scenes were really well presented.

Huge fan of the team name.

I really enjoyed this film. Felt I've seen this concept done a lot before, but it was executed well and had some great laugh-out-loud moments.

At the start of this film I really had an, "oh, here we go" moment. Wasn't sure I'd enjoy it. But in true old-school 48s fashion, it was a low-production-quality film with bizarre humour that the audience (myself included) got a kick out of.

Comedic timing was pretty spot on, I thought, which is hard to nail down in the 48s.

Have to agree with Jay Sherman on this one. The steampunk thing got old a long time ago. Great costumes and props don't amount to a good film. Would much rather see this team focus more on good audio and a story that actually makes sense - I get the feeling you tried to cram too much into five minutes and had to leave some vital information on the cutting room floor, I felt like a lot of the audience wasn't really following.

That said, I've seen this team do worse, so hopefully next year we'll get something really satisfying to watch.

First off, best team intro I've seen in years.

A sweet little film, I really liked the concept and it had a few laugh-out-loud moments that the audience obviously really liked.

A few technical gripes, like the boom shadow in the otherwise gorgeous slow-mo opening shot, but nothing too unforgivable. Wasn't a fan of the transition between scenes, it didn't really seem to fit the feel of the rest of the film.

Lead actress is very talented and I really enjoyed her performance.

UNE is one team I always watch out for in the heats. They're often criticized for the minimalist-shot thing they do, but personally I'm a fan of it.

This year's submission was obviously a challenge, having landed the musical genre, but it was still had a nice production quality to it, and the lead actress has a lovely voice.

My only real gripe was the gag with the Wilhelm Scream - the phone ringing thing seemed to be a lazy way out for a lot of teams.

Had a few nice little comedic beats that I giggled at, and overall an enjoyable film.

By FAR my favourite film out of all the heats I went to. As a few people have mentioned, 'Under the Bridge' feels like something that was made with more time and money, and that would be found playing at the NZIFF.

A beautiful, heartbreaking story that isn't afraid to take on social commentary. I loved it.

This team is definitely one I'll be watching out for in years to come.