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I wasn't expecting this one. Love the style, it really did a lot of leg work to convey the dreamlike atmosphere necessary to pull off the jarring door of sound. Missed quite a few marks but still great to see on a big screen.

Great performances by the two leads. The drunken scenes were extremely well shot and cut. Sincere themes and emotional closes are rare, so it was great to see a good one this heat. However it's difficult to watch a film that's entirely montage and not expect it to be an ad.

Despite a rocky start with audio cutting out and an uneasy edit, the film kept giving generously to the potlatch fire that is this festival, developing into a wild, sensuous, and cringe-y comedy.

I love a nerdy shot and was wrapped by the homage this film paid to the eponymous painting.

The cinematography was spectacular. Tragically, this film was riddled with sound design inconsistencies and hammy acting. It was so close to being good, with a bit more feeling from the lead the finale would have been a hit.

Beautifully shot and wonderfully funny, the A/B shots of the potato and sister in conversation was flawless. The plot was peculiar but the pay off worked. I liked the decision to conceal the true face of potato brother.

Brilliant delivery of bad news in a very endearing video call. The mum nailed it. The lead and support were natural on screen and the gag in the final scene landed perfectly. The laugh was questionable but overall, well done.

An odd glimpse into another world. Could have been better realised if you'd stuck to a simpler storyline. Several issues with production here, I think the amount of locations and the technical aspects of recording brought the overall quality of the film down. The performances struggled to reconcile the tone of the film with its genre. It was ambitious and I can tell a lot of hard work went into it, so better luck next year!

EDIT: Shoutout to Steelpotato. Sorry I reviewed you so harsh - at the end of the day, the story and effort was there. In other words, I knew exactly what was going on, which counts for something.

Very strong performances that read really well on screen. There was a level of intimacy between the characters that may not have been due to how little they were wearing in bed. I think the chemistry was great and the delivery worked. The pacing of the film was awkward and somewhat disorienting, this was probably intentional but I didn't realise until the very end why. Quite sophisticated and charming.

Earsplitting aside, I agree this could be a contender for the Wellington final. Expertly crafted pastiche of autobiographical film-making and experimental cinema. The special effects really stand out as being just right and the practical effects were memorably funny.
I think this really sets the bar high for a new style of 48 hour film. It's self-parodying and self-aware but also tragic and absurd. I guess the audience is responding to the personality of the film-maker as much as the film. Very well deserved win.

Edgy with superb cinematography. I think the cast did an exceptional job as a team of punks. The plot itself was convoluted and anticlimactic, but the attention to detail took this film out of the 48 hour context and into a new realm. I am a big fan of your team and I can't wait to see what you do next year.

I remember your film from last year as being a well-crafted story that got a strong audience reaction. I think you dropped the ball this year, maybe due to the genre. Don't get me wrong, role-playing could have worked, but the shots were blocked awkwardly and I had a hard time hearing the dialogue. There was a lot of potential in this film due to the strong characters but it just needed more time and consideration. Overall, the film ending as though it were a trailer left me cold.

I was on the fence about this film but it ultimately came through and delivered a nice mystery. The twists and turns were handled deftly without any backtracking or clear give-aways. The style was particularly flashy and I felt a real authenticity in the cinematography and sets. The quality of performance by the leads were questionable, perhaps in a good way, but it did break immersion. An impressive film with a sensitivity that's often lost in the weekend.

I love the cast in this film! I've had the pleasure of working with Shauwn before and wish him the best in the future, he has a natural screen presence and comedic timing. I also really like the location. The hospital has so many interesting angles and the quality of light was beautiful on the day.
It was a fun film to get lost in. However, upon it's well delivered climax, I wondered what it was all for - I guess this is the new 5 minute format. An extra 2 minutes would have pressed the question but the pacing as it stood was too good to interrupt with exposition.

First of all, I have to hand it to the shit practical effects. That was well done and disgusting. There was a sense of pride in craftsmanship throughout the film that elevated the otherwise ordinary style of your film. One shot in particular stands out - the troll strobe. What a menace!
I had some problems with the interpretation of genre and the inner monologue. However, the film was funny and the resolution brought everything together nicely.

There's something about strong kiwi accents that I really like in films. I thought the characters could be related to, even though it took a while to get used to. The plot was very straight forward and had a decent pace so I felt satisfied when the ruse was over and the mystery solved. It definitely had a neighbourhood vibe. The cinematography was strong and the writing solid. I especially liked the mum character being so tough and brusque, as well as the kids on their phones. Overall, a memorable film. I would have liked it a whole lot more if some of the set-up had been revealed, making the hidden boy a more prominent character.

What a weird one! The acting was topnotch and conveyed a dry humour that carried the surrealism to a comfortable place for the audience. I loved the studio feel and the busyness of the scenes. What let the film down for me was definitely the genre - I would have liked more confusion regarding Steve's identity. Great, well lit film with tidy sound. The editing was choppy in times and felt very guerrilla-styled in it's pace. Can't say I fully understood what the point of it was but I get the feeling there's lots of hidden detail, or at least the illusion of secret aspects to this film that didn't fully come across in the final cut.

Technically a good film with a lot of energy and life in its production. I thought the way the events flowed into one another was charming. The basic premise, however, was sad and annoying - why was there this crazy silent quest for company? I felt it was too predictable after a certain point, then when the events began to repeat I really wanted a surprise but the film lacked resolve. Some dialogue would have been good to give depth to the characters, who mainly had great presence, instead everyone just seemed fixed like scenery.

Great performances all round, had a really fun group vibe. The candid journal entries were nicely over-acted which added a lot of humour to the otherwise dark and disturbing story. Most of the shots were fantastic - I especially liked seeing the scientists through the one way mirror. At first I was worried about the plain white setting, but it gave a institutional feel so the twist felt very natural. It definitely escalated quickly and was a lot of fun by the end. I think everything was pretty spot on except a few technical aspects of your production like keeping your background sound levels constant as well as spending a bit more time storyboarding so the story is held together better when it comes to editing.