5 Minutes

Average: 4.3 (2 votes)
The Coming-of-Age Movie
Wellington > 11

Really loved this - really likable characters, a clear story direction and kept things moving in unpredictable kind of ways. Cinematography was on point too. Nice work!

I can definitely see why this was up for best script, because as a slice of life this was fantastic, with two neighbours connecting over a late night party/art exhibition while the world slowed and each day was becoming 5 minutes longer. Yes the second part of that sentence sounds odd, but coupled with the very well designed set this had an air of late night bravura calm that was infectious. Likeable, believable leads as the woman had been around the block a bit whilst the young buck displayed exceptional screen presence to show their confidence as a person yet slight nervousness at displaying their personal art for the first time. Never mind the fact that some head nodding all too true jokes were chucked in. All very impressive to convey in 5 minutes.

I think the one aspect that probably stopped this competing for more awards like the top gong in Wellington is that whilst it was excellently paced, the story beats did not really produce any narrative drama or conflict that would have elevated it further. But overall really really good. Also appreciated the film being really well lit and having excellent cleanly recorded audio. More please.