The Instagrim Generation

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The Generation Gap Movie
Wellington > 11

Loved the aesthetic, costuming and cinematography. Definitely one of the stronger films, with a clear story and satisfying ending.

Well normally 48Hours teams get a pass to shoot black and white once ever, so it was pretty ballsy in my book for Outcasts to shoot almost completely without colour for the second time in three years following their fantastic z-grade film in 2017, let alone a silent film!...but they nailed it, with perfect composition, contrast, music and grading that made this feel like a love letter to F W Murnau.

I appreciated the subversion, as death personified as a grandmother just made sense when watching this. The disinterest from her grandaughter paid off really well, and the cheap skeleton money shot was gold, as was the overhead axe. This has been one of the hardest genres in 2019 for teams to deal with, so I take my hat off to you. Also the acting performances were very strong given the silent approach.