Safety On The Hand Job

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The Opposites Attract Movie
Wellington > 11

A helpful instruction video explains to Handmasters how to best regulate their body vessel and importantly how to detect non-Handmasters. As two Handmasters watch, one of them might not be what he says he is.

This is a team I always look out for. Their 2019 short is no less zany than previous efforts - in fact it's completely mad. However, there is probably a message hidden within as well and if nothing else a whole lot of fun. The hand kissing scene is disturbing but also a stand-out. Once again this team make no apologies for the type of film they make. They go for it 100% and the comp is better for it.


This got a great reaction in the heat and was super fun to watch. Clever little concept, and had a well rounded story structure. That elongated kiss scene was pretty disgusting hahaha.


I love how some people's minds think about films and embrace challenges like this whole heartedly. This could have used a bit of a back story to explain the tension between the hand masters and non hand masters but I appreciate there wasn't time for this and it was still fun and wacky. Intro was the highlight of the whole experience.