Puter & Leroy

Average: 3.6 (1 vote)
The Science Fiction Movie
Wellington > 10

This film made me laugh, the ‘booting down’ when he got splashed with water was hilarious, throwing him in rice was brilliant, the actors were convincing!

There was a lot of ‘tell’ instead of ‘show’ in the film, I’d recommend using talking heads in conjunction with visual aids to establish characters etc. For (a really poor) example, when he tells us at the start he is terrible with the ladies, show us that straight away!

Under the umbrella of mockumentary, you can get away with certain production related issues. It’s hard to know what was intentional and what wasn’t. As a viewer, my experience was that I felt it was a little jarring to watch- whether that’s harsh sound, shaky camera, hard cuts in the edit. It could have easily been more aesthetic- but of course this could have been an artistic decision and I’ll never know!

I did really enjoy this film,