Award Season

Average: 2.9 (2 votes)
The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Wellington > 10

This was pretty endearing to watch - a simple little idea about a girl desperate to win an award but seemingly not very good at it! Felt like it needed to be a bit pacier in the edit and maybe have a bit more of an impactful ending.

Interesting film- a really good idea for the cringe comedy. The production was really solid- it's a shame there was a technical error during the showing- unsure whether that was a file issue or the cinemas problem.

This film would have been brilliant if the 'embarrassment in front of a crowd' was slightly better executed. It would have been great to see a crowd of people (no matter how small)- and set some high expectations for the performer, only for the performer to embarrassingly fail to meet them.

The casting was great- the actor really embraced the role.

The resolution at the end was lovely. Nicely structured story for a 5 min film.