Body Issues

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The Opposites Attract Movie
Wellington > 09

At a party, a couple recall how they met, which was over somebody's dead body and they connected in their attempts to remove it. The fact that the question of going to the police gets thrown to the side kind of showed the wavelength of black comedy this film was on. Whilst burying it and fire didn't work, somehow they thought they might have a BREAKING BAD body dissolve moment with coca cola. Hard to see how opposite the couple were given they both seemed to be quite into the body disposal idea. The coke jokes did get some laffs but also kind of dragged. I appreciate you setup and went for a large variety of gags, but I think the film would have been better had your genre been your central plot point as opposed to the dead body. Technically decent.


The movie its self was really funny and the editing did a great job of boosting that comedy level up.
Editing: The split screen idea was really awesome and creative way of showing us what was happening as they explained what they were going to do
the cuts between the different ways of them carrying the dead body was really funny i really enjoyed that part.
Some issues: The theme of the movie does get a bit lost since both of the characters agree pretty much straight away with each other and didn't bump heads.
The main actress (didn't get to see her name) did very well in being the awkward smart shy girl.
The main actor (didn't get to see his name) was just not up there when it came to acting compared to his fellow actress.

I respect this entry into the longstanding debate over the health effects of Coca Cola. I liked how bone white the lead actress was in the present-day sequence, quite characteristically unsettling. Overall a rather flat movie, but with some reasonable camerawork, and a pretty convincing party set. I can imagine what that must've been like. There's a lot to respect in this movie, not the least of which is how hard it is to even make anything in 48 hours, but as far as films go this didn't really reach out to me.