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The Nature Run Amok Movie
Wellington > 08

I'm trying to piece this together and it seemed like human nature run amok? Huge stretch of the genre here, and felt like a fairly by the numbers slasher/creepy thriller until the SPLIT/US inspired ending, as people kept getting abducted after being distracted whether by their phones or the need for a bathroom break whilst studying. Honestly genre can be a tricky beast sometimes and unfortunately it kind of stumped this team who have shown huge amounts of promise and potential the last few years. I've given this an extra star for the crack up "security" credit as the film ended.

The ending with the circle of 'haters' was quite striking, and some of the cinematography was frankly rather impressive, but sadly the film had a complete lack of consistency, especially in the sound department. Genre, whatever, purely in terms of the film itself, it just didn't hold itself together (despite having moments that were really encouraging). If I remember correctly, there was pop music in this right? That seemed a bit weird. Put the camera in manual focus and exposure next time and you'll have the next Blade Runner 2049 ;)