Lunch with the Boss

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The Time Travel Movie
Wellington > 08

An ambitious employee invites his boss over his lunch, only to make some serious muckups in relation to his manners and food preparation. Good thing there's a time machine sitting on his bed yeah? This led to looping back in time over and over to present his boss and her lady friend with the best possible meal imaginable, and make himself look as good as possible because he wanted to get a one up on his work colleague "Jones". I liked the awkward humour on show here, it just didn't really stand out from the crowd by being a looping time travel film set inside someone's house. Your lead was high energy and sold the film, mind.

Looping time travel: we're seeing the same thing too much. With unimpressive sound and cinematography, it starts to lay this film's issues bare. There were a number of great moments, with the leek and the successful retelling of the joke, but they were merely chuckles in a five minute period of mild pain. How many times do I need to see a man spring out of bed already wearing a suit and bow tie before it gets old? In a short film, only once. I hate being this harsh on films, and I should say that this is merely my personal reaction to the film. I have to wonder if there is a way, perhaps less formulaic, that looping time travel can be executed. I feel like most approaches to it are too formal and structured, as though at the moment of the first rewind, we already know how the rest of the narrative will progress.