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The Science Fiction Movie
Wellington > 08

The film with the good lighting! I liked this inventive take off of HER where the supposedly charming man was actually getting all his credibility that he was selling to his date from a paid app which provided charisma and skills for the right price. When piano lessons proves to be too expensive there is always the free torrent option, of course, but who knows what you might get from an unprotected Russian site...

Starting with witty banter and moving towards a well earned desolate ending I really liked the structure and pacing to this tale. As mentioned earlier the lighting was sensational, flooding the screen in blues, pinks and purples at times. The couple could act and I liked realness of how slightly awkward her first visit to his house was. Believable world and worked hard to make the dreaded shoot in your apartment approach work.

awkward, real, funny, fresh, well shot, HD! Black Mirror-esque!

THE POWER OF (what is presumably) PHILLIPS HUE! Man oh man the lighting was crazy, and the cinematography so beautiful. One of my team members leaned over to me after the film and asked where the overhead shot was - and admittedly it was easy to miss - but I presume it was the one where the watch downloads the virus. Honestly an incredible film, with amazing music and cinematography (have to say it twice for emphasis) and acting. Perhaps everything is best summarized with 'tone'. The tone was clear, it was strong, it was striking. The narrative ended on a troubling note, a note that for a 48hour film a lot of people aren't ready for. I like this. I like this a lot.