Christmas is Coming

Average: 2.5 (2 votes)
The Holiday Movie
Wellington > 08

After witnessing a man in a santa suit commit a crime, our leads decide to call the cops to let them know, followed by taking sanctuary due to crap weather where more sinister developments await. This was tonally pretty varied, and whilst I appreciated the ADR gave you crystal clear dialogue for your outside shots (thank you!), the sound mix was oddly quiet once we moved inside. I did enjoy the film overall, which relied on eery vibes more than anything reinventing the wheel in terms of plot. Not sure the ending was earned and did come across as pretty cold and predictable. Good performance by your lead actress in glasses in particular and utilising holiday-related tinder for one death at least got a good laugh out of me.

Treacle, is how I would describe this film. Trying to get at the narrative through some rather poor cinematography and sound was a challenge for me. The concept and narrative itself I trust are fairly decent -- and I got a good sense that the people behind this film were having fun. I don't want to harp on this film too much, but my gut reaction was that it just really felt flat for me.