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The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Wellington > 08

An aspiring pub singer struggles with plucking up the confidence needed to perform, which ends up fitting the genre well given the audience is tiny. What was more entertaining was the side plot about how infatuated she was with the bartender with gorgeous cheekbones but again suffered from anxiety in relation to asking him out. The team was clearly working on a very low budget, but some of the jokes did have me cringing. Your lead actress was good, this was held back by technically being very raw.

I started slumping down in my chair and hiding myself behind my jacket for this one. There's something so unsettling about a character who is dressed up to be something they're not. Of course the film was a little lackluster technically speaking but the set was better than a moderately untidy flat. The laptop guy was quite hilarious. This film hit me in a different way from all the others and for that I must commend.