The Intervention

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The Nature Run Amok Movie
Wellington > 08

Really quite incredible. The dolly/slider shots are what sell this, and overall the cinematography was excellent. Use of keyframed motion in post was smooth. High concept, and the concept was fresh (enough). The reveal of the dog was expected, but the narration was the real kicker. The acting was overall very good but the guy with the beard was spectacular. The audience engagement was incredible and honestly this is a top film. Incredibly effective and the only thing it's missing was animating the dogs mouth :)

Flatmates gather round to tell off one of the house inhabitants for their bad behaviour, though the tone suggests that they may be projecting a bit onto the recipient of the blame. They claim it is a non-confrontational dialogue which is probably in their best interests given that someone in the room knows the true version of events. This story went in very unexpected places and was all the more better for it. I liked the range that the actors portrayed, and it hit a bit close to home as I know the classic blame others when you're really to blame type all too well. Hard to portray but I got it! Just when you thought things might be put into a neat little package came the real kicker as well. Paws on the wheel almost had me streaming tears of laughter. Could well be in the finals. Technically good with some exceptional touches here and there, though the whole piece wasn't quite polished all the same way through to the same level.