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The Generation Gap Movie
Wellington > 08

A ghost presents the generation gap very well here, as our self-help listening protagonist engages with the spook about differences in modern society versus old. Cool effects and a great period appropriate costume for the apparition, but this was mostly sitting around talking in a flat through medium to long shots, with a lot of the footage slightly muddy or grainy and fairly plain backgrounds. I did really appreciate a couple of the jokes, especially when the old ghost was making fun of modern technology, and the Harry Potter spell at the ouji board was golden.

Full marks for plot: shoot for the moon and if you miss you'll be out among the stars.

It took me a really long time to bring this film back to memory. But I remember the jokes in this hitting their mark, and it being a good satire of... something. I'm really sorry I can't remember this better but I'll try to come back and rewrite this once it goes onto the screening room.