Christmas Forever

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The Time Travel Movie
Wellington > 08

First, the good: cinematography is very clean and colors are nice, and I can only imagine you had a very saucy camera with much bit depth and dynamic range. But I'm not so sure on the concept, I didn't quite follow it, and though it felt more fresh than the several other films with similar concepts in the heat, I think it was sadly a little flat. Perhaps gratuitous? It did, indeed, come off as a couple of mates having a good time -- and this is perhaps the most technically excellent example of that.

I've got this marked as having really good cinematography BUT with qualifiers to that comment because so much of the same coverage got re-used. I think this looping tale of Christmas being the best day ever could have done just a little bit more with its first 2 acts from a plot perspective, as friends opening an amazing lego set again and again and again did verge ever so slightly on the repetitive side. We were definitely getting somewhere in Act 3 I'll give you. Plus the performances were good with dialogue feeling natural and nostalgic at the same time. I'm giving this a positive rating as it was technically really good, I just personally think that the narrative arc could have had more done to it, especially when many teams have gone the GROUNDHOG DAY route this year.

Steel potato knows what's up. My take: enjoyable, some good lads having a good time!