A Christmas Carrot

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The Holiday Movie
Wellington > 07

This had a great script and i liked how you kept it simple. The characters were likeable too. Could have used a slightly louder sound mix, and maybe some tightening of the pacing overall.


Fantastic script and the actors did a good job with the comedy. The edit and post sound felt like it could have used a bit more work to really make the film shine. Good work overall though!

It's 2019 so it's fine for Santa to be a woman right? Of course it is! This was a farcical film because as the jolly woman herself pointed out, the person accusing her of being the wrong 'type' of santa wasn't exactly the expected 7 year old child. I quite liked the scathing criticism of consumerism however fleeting it was, when the piss was taken out of the fact that someone put diamond earrings on their Xmas wish list. Ho! Ho! Ho! joke was gold. Not a whole lot of plot in what was essentially a one room film but the script for what was here was highly entertaining. The camerawork was also fairly stand and deliver. But it worked well enough.


While story is king, and this has a creative take on the story of Santa, we need to hear it too. The sound levels seemed low in the heat and this made it much harder to really enjoy.
Some great lines were included and the awkwardness of the situation was done well.