Be The Cowboy

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The Buddy Movie
Wellington > 07

Thank you for doing a sincere queer film. Too often in this competition do we see queer-ness being used as a punchline so it was refreshing and heartening to see your take. The characters were likeable and loved the creative tracking shot from one room to another.

After being disowned by his family for his 'lifestyle' in a vile shunning, a queer young man is down in the dumps before his fairy cowboy godfather comes along and does his best to get the guy back on his high horse. This means encouraging him to have someone in his life, but getting out and about on the dating scene is hard for anyone who hasn't done it for a while. There was also some exploration of suppression of flamboyance which was directed with an even calm hand and very well done. Positive and well acted.


The last film in a heat is always a tough place to be. I enjoyed the angle on this one and loved the normalisation of the content. The acting was done well and the script was also a strength.