Inside the Mind of Locky Porter *EXPOSED*

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The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Wellington > 07

Mockumentary about 'Lockie' learning to teleport and getting himself into a handful of awkward situations. Luckily there is a limit to his ability to warp around from place to place, allowing sanctuary from those affected by his teleporting interruptions and rudeness. Talking heads are just personally something I feel strongly against in this comp and have done since the day I started reviewing in 2006. The problem is that you can describe an event and then have said event acted out on screen for comedic effect, and it's effectively a copout way to make cheap jokes. This team did that a few times. However they also had a high level of energy on show and positive vibes to most of the proceedings, with a good level of laughter from the audience. J


Stretching one gag so far sometimes just doesn't work.
I enjoyed the den scene and the associated loop hole and feel that this could have been worked in more.