Karma is a bitch

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The Time Travel Movie
Wellington > 07

An eye opens in a poorly/darkly lit shack where our lead actor was sleeping, and he quickly makes his was to his car in a bit of a panic about the time. Whilst this did follow the very tired Groundhog Day formula, being forced to loop endlessly for a stupid mistake really did suit the titular karma of the film and the actor had strong screen presence. I would recommend either acquiring some lighting or if you're going to shoot in low light conditions be careful to ensure that you get coverage that doesn't result in the film looking muddy or grainy in those particular shots.


Filming at night is hard and this is why. The grainy images made this less effective than it could have been.
One challenge to time-travel movies can be developing a plot that doesn't confuse yet moves the story forward. For me, this film didn't quite get there.