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The Holiday Movie
Wellington > 07

Wasn’t sure if you actually had all the issues you mentioned and made this last minute or If this was the concept all along - either way it didn’t matter cos I loved it. The humour was very authentic and endearing, and loved the little jokes in the text throughout. Was a nice way to lead into the heat!

Tim. Tim. Tim...that was brilliant. Honestly shaking my head about the late hand-in. I know you had a weekend from hell but this was about as honest and raw a documentary (not mockumentary people, this joins the 2 or 3 films I've ever seen do proper doco over the course of the comp) I've ever seen in 48. And you mixed it all together in just a matter of hours. Damn man I honestly think this would have been on the shortlist.

The gist of this was that Tim Simpson, the legendary head of Nitro (who I think probably holds the record for consecutive years entered in the comp now) basically did a selfie video on Sunday afternoon with a mixture of bullet points outlining where murphy's law had applied over the weekend he looks forward to more than Christmas every year. But then it got deep and he provided some incredibly honest commentary about what the competition means to him and a lot of other people, and nothing he said could have been more truthful. Not all serious 100% mind, with a couple of hilarious jokes such as "well we might as well chuck a beautiful overhead drone shot in here too", and did, which got a huge audience laugh.

We all know you've got massive talent dude. One year you'll piece it all together and be on time and finals await. Kia kaha bruv.

Oh and for anyone else reviewing this, it was most definitely not staged or planned to play out like this, it was a weekend from hell as Tim said to me :)

Loved seeing what a team goes through. It is a nice change of pace and is a good time to reflect on all shown films.


I love the fact that this film takes the knocks of 48 Hours, owns them and then spins a yarn out of the burning rubble.
It reflects the reward of persistence and never giving up.
Nitro blends honesty and humour into the work.