The Day I Found My Brother Is a Cyborg

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The Real Time Movie
Wellington > 06

I saw my fellow reviewer Tim earlier write "Ultra wipes another team out" for another team who had to deal with split screen. And whilst I disagree with him about Cinetrance, that's pretty much my thinking here and it really bums me out because Moffilaide I love you guys :(

As per usual the same frenetic pace was brought to proceedings by the comp veterans who utterly embraced Ultra (ps your 4th wall break was the best I've seen so far this year) with a comic book style approach, as cleaners in a high rise meet a couple of vigilantes from the future who are dealing with a Cyborg/terminator who is after them and are trying to make their own way home but don't have a time travel machine. VFX were really good, stunt work excellent and camera work was cool. My main issues were in the split screen itself, I think the comic book approach was a fresh way to do things, but the edit just got a bit frenetic. I think for the first time ever I was also a bit let down by this team's sound as dialogue was hard to hear at times/the fact there was action going on in different frames at the same time that wasn't always interconnected meant it became a bit hard to focus.

I guess the fact the plot was straight up THE TERMINATOR with hardly any subversion or spin was possibly actually my main issue. I enjoyed a lot of this, so sorry for the star rating it just was too chaotic for mine.