Mum's Song

Average: 2.9 (2 votes)
The Musical OR Dance Movie
Wellington > 06

The start of your film was really well done - the cinematography was nice and the outdoor location was a great set-up. I think things went a little bit off once we got the the musical part and things leaned a bit too much on montages to make it work.

After waking up camping on a frosty winter's morning a couple of sister's try their best to reminisce about their recently deceased mother, but things get a little awkward when the urn with her ashes it placed a bit too precariously next to the coffee. A delicate approach, with lots of handheld focus pulls of pretty nature scenery, but also reasonably slow paced for example a long time was spent focusing on the first sister waking up/getting up out of bed before anything happened, which is a killer waste of time in this competition. I get using ADR for musical, and the song you sung was genuinely lovely, but lip movements need to come close to matching for it to really work or it can take the audience out of the moment.