The Last Supper

Average: 4 (2 votes)
The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Wellington > 05

Passed the bechdel test with flying colours! THANK YOU! I thought that this was a charming film as a group of friends gathered for a potluck dinner, with our protagonist having brought along a family recipe meat dish...the only problem is that all of the other attendees are vegans. Seriously cringe at times, like the 'oh shit this is awkward' in the best possible way, which is exactly what the genre was asking for. I like that it had a relatable kiwi vibe to the proceedings, with everyone who delivered dialogue having strong natural screen presence. Scope framing was on point, showcasing the large gathering and yet utilising the screen space in just a tight enough manner to add a slightly stressful/claustrophobic effect like our lead was going for when she realised her mistake.

There were a couple of audio drop outs near the start and a couple of out of focus shots near the end of proceedings, but didn't distract from the overall experience of the film. Also the slow motion eating was gold, and added a bit of the gross out element to proceedings so I applaud you for that.

山 武

Despite a rocky start with audio cutting out and an uneasy edit, the film kept giving generously to the potlatch fire that is this festival, developing into a wild, sensuous, and cringe-y comedy.

I love a nerdy shot and was wrapped by the homage this film paid to the eponymous painting.