Hot Potato

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The Nature Run Amok Movie
Wellington > 05
山 武

Beautifully shot and wonderfully funny, the A/B shots of the potato and sister in conversation was flawless. The plot was peculiar but the pay off worked. I liked the decision to conceal the true face of potato brother.

Ooh yeah this was a gem, as a brother and sister deal with the fact that little bro has been turned into a potato, and the theoretically only way to turn him back into a human is through is a magical book in the forest. Engaging script that earnt its dues I think this will probably gain more on subsequent viewings as little touches like the establishing shots of food being chopped to start kind of went over my head at the heat, but upon reflection showed that the team had a well thought out beginning, middle and end. Sound and camerawork were good if unspectacular but didn't need to be as this was a character driven comedy that built the sibling relationship with a lot of little humane touches. Obviously bringing life to a potato was a hard sell but the voice work was all class. Absolutely stuck the ending in my book too, would expect this to be on the shortlist.