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The Generation Gap Movie
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Brilliant delivery of bad news in a very endearing video call. The mum nailed it. The lead and support were natural on screen and the gag in the final scene landed perfectly. The laugh was questionable but overall, well done.

Anyone who is a fan of THE ROOM probably knows the infamous line "I definitely have breast cancer" which is dropped like a bombshell and then thrown away for the rest of the narrative. I was kind of on the same wavelength here with the incredibly sudden passing of the lead's mum, but luckily quickly moved past that as it was actually used as a plot device that drove the story forward. Some really enjoyable comic touches and following the death the team let things breathe and the characters were allowed to develop.

I also remember loving that classic children's story which clearly inspired this about a frown staying in place when the wind changes. Lead actress was terrific in selling this and I liked that we moved towards a positive resolution after the shocking death in the family.

Loved every second of it. Acting was sublime, technically it was very well shot and edited. Didn't even know "Generation Gap" was a genre, but if it means more films like this in the future, I'm all for it.