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The Secret Identity Movie
Wellington > 04

A couple of close high school friends get more than they bargained for when lessons learned in biology about metamorphosis end up coming true, challenging their friendship to say the least. I really liked the fact you just chose a surreal plot and went for it, and bookending with the slightly animated very well drawn butterfly shots was a good idea, reminding me a little bit of THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY. I also noticed a nice touch where you only relied on diegetic sounds for the first half of the film, with music kicking in when the metamorphosis did. There were some areas that did drag the film down a bit, however, with several shots being slightly out of focus, which was a bit distracting when the bulk of them were found near the start of the film. Also sound recording was variable in terms of clarity, and whilst the plot overall worked I think your conclusion was a bit blunt and cold.