Weekend at Gremdpas

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The Coming-of-Age Movie
Wellington > 04

The family that plays together slays together I guess, and I mean fair play to our lead female for working on her literal axe to grind after being talked to horribly by her father, and treated even worse by her grandfather when she is shipped off to his farm for the weekend. The dialogue was really quiet in the mix, so I'd implore you to bump that up for future films. Some of the editing decisions and plot points here were absolutely wild, such as the kung fu gym battle between grandfather and granddaughter. I'm glad that got a few laughs. I'm torn as to whether it was one evil family where coming of age is represented by murder, or just a cold blooded script. Both kind of made the ending a bit of a let down.


I'll just start by pointing out the weird title spelling on this page, maybe you want to fix it. As for the movie wasn't really sure what you were getting at when she was allowing herself to be a slave to her wheelchair bound grandpa, then it turned into pure Z grade lunacy when he got up and then there was the ridiculous fight scene. Old guy was clearly a younger one with wig and fake white beard which added slightly to the comedy but I think a deliberately bad movie well done ends up a bit more fun overall than this.

Ness Patea
city manager

Banished to her grand-dad's house for bad behaviour, our young lead is given chores and yelled at in an attempt to teach her responsibility. Taking up the challenge she wants to prove him wrong. This humorous film climaxes in a Z-grade martial arts fight to death. I though the story was well planned and good coverage to bring the audience along for the ride with you - there were just a few technical issues that could be worked on. The variable lighting and the pitchy audio took me out of the story and that would be the main area to improve on next year.