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The Holiday Movie
Wellington > 03

Very much reliant on mood and sound to convey the feeling in this film of exploring a desolate world. One person appeared to be inside in a VR-like suit whilst the other was out in the field doing the dirty work of looking for valuable reconnaissance. I feel the team was trying to convey a large message of how we're all a bit entangled in the world of electronics these days, but due to a lack of exposition or clarity about what was happening only the real literal connection hit home for me.

Also, holiday movie...wtf?

Dolly Zoom

One of the better over head shots from this heat. The costume was pretty impressive also. I was a little confused in the theatre about how this was a holiday movie, but upon reflection, was the holiday aspect when our character entered the Virtual Reality realm? If so, I think this idea could have been fleshed out a little more. Maybe something showing a need to escape reality in favour of a virtual world holiday might have helped? I got the impression that this may have been a solo team? If so, that's pretty impressive alone. Technically, there is some pretty great work here. The colour grading and such really does make our character in the space suit look like he's on Mars or some other rocky planet. I feel like the original vision of this was lost due to the time restrictions and such of this competition which is a real shame. I would really love to watch what would have been the final film if this team had been given time and resources to finish their original vision.

Great costumes and a great use of the environment.
Although I was lost on the story, I did believe in this futuristic world.
I didn't fully understand what I was seeing.
However, I know some of the audience did. So maybe I'm just a bit simple and like simple story's.
Next time, I'd like to see characters that are a bit more fleshed out, and more clearly lit.
Great cut on the blink at the end.