Night Of The Evolved

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The Nature Run Amok Movie
Wellington > 03

Damn this was really slick! One of my favorites of the night. Great make-up/costume. Top performances. Well executed concept.

OK. Deep breath. This is not going to affect my star rating...but seriously this "if it plays it stays" bullshit is pissing me off a bit. Last year a team got away with having footage from INTERSTELLAR, a few years ago someone used Michael Jackon's Billie Jean (and got to the national final), and this team literally used footage from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) to start off the film. See I know this film by George Romero inside out and whilst it is available on countless public domain sites because of the coprightt fuckup back in the 1960s, this film is in no way freely available for commercial use.

Onto the film itself, which I really enjoyed! Shot with fantastic crisp black and white this felt like the 16mm look was emulated almost perfectly, with the odd scratch effect added here and there, and not oversaturating the film with black which is a common annoyance when teams use their B and W card in 48. Essentially a stoner flat revert back to their primordial animalistic selves literally after smoking some incredibly strong weed as verified by their crazed professor that they know. The devolution and descent into the animals running amok (perfect use of genre by the way) was highly entertaining, and I loved that you included variety with the ape/squid/dog as it allowed a large variety of jokes to come into the fray, with huge audience reaction. The stoners seemed very believable, as did the more highly strung flatmate. Oh and the gas mask subtitles were hilarious.

Loved the use of public domain.
The style was strong. It was great to see not just a hit of a style, but full blown 60's noir sci-fi.
The werewolf makeup was great. Same can't be said for the octopus.
The characters were really fun and distinct.
The stoners, the science teacher.
The top and tail over arching story about being sick of looking after the flat mates.
Initially I was worried the end was a lame "oh it was all just a dream" But became pleasantly surprised. To make it a winner, it needs more on the sound design. But I'm always glad to see people Lean hard in a direction.

Dolly Zoom

Great use of black and white to give that old school horror feel. Great artistic choice. There was a little element of low budgetness to this film, but I think it adds to the story. Many older horrors used cheap and nasty props, so the use in this film is fitting to the style they're paying homage to. The kraken for example, very clearly low budget, but charming all the same. Very entertaining story also. Three characters evolving into animals because they smoked a crazy drug. I'm pretty sure that often happened to my flatmates when I was at uni, so very relatable. Talented team here. I hope to see more of what you make in the future.