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The Musical OR Dance Movie
Wellington > 03

Incredible score, really top notch as expected by Connor Cameron, and my goodness me that operatic first song by 'Granny' in the woods was simply divine. This was also an eye catchingly beautiful film, shot deep in the woods with gorgeous contrast and colourplay, plus medieval costumes that worked very well for the fairytale concept of a girl having to leave her gran and try to make her way home from deep in the forest. This had a really strong opening act, and utterly amazing conclusion resplendent with drug tripping mushrooms and a nice afterlife touch, but the middle part of the film lost its way a little bit when the girl was literally lost. Having said that it was held together with some really nice editing touches such as how they showed she had gone around in circles by duplicating the actress multiple times in the same shot.


A hilarious musical with a lush score, creative costuming, beautiful camera work, and an impressively polished piece from a duo team. It was a shame that at the end the dialogue cut out at the end during the screening. Still didn't take away from the sheer ambition of this film and what an achievement it was given it had two people doing all the work. Damn good job, team!

You would have never have guessed this was a duo.
Tack sharp images, in an "out-there" location.
It leaned very well into the fantasy genre.
The thing that takes this from 'just another duo film' to something really fun, is the score.
Written, sung and composed by the duo also.
Great images when eating mushrooms.
We couldn't hear the last two lines, which we feel were needed to make the story well rounded.
It's great to see another duo with a great unique taste.
This film really did start to feel truly magical.

Dolly Zoom

Really great location and scenery in this film. The opening song was very well done also. Musical is by far one of the most dreaded genres and not only did this team pull it off, but they pulled it off with style. A forest adventure filled with sword play, a mushroom trip, finding ones way, AND singing. Damn, that's a lot right there in such a short time. Amazing stuff. Great costumes also.