Love Bubble

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The Wrong Place / Wrong Time Movie
Wellington > 03

There were some solid performances in here. Two guys in the tub were great. Overall the cast were committed to the jokes. I was a little bit lost tonally. Solid entry! Sorry to hear about the disqualification :(

An intimate evening in the bath gets spoiled by a series of interruptions and revelations, all while the audience is a little bit worried about the doggo on the treadmill with a heart condition. This was a well paced film with good dialogue and lots of cringe comedy, working on a murphy's law concept that created a snowball effect, but with a warm tone throughout. Lighting was also on point which was crucial given the intimacy of events in a largely one room setting. Some topical humour with an incorrect Uber Eats order didn't go amiss either. I think that the onslaught of invaders to the bathroom made the whole thing borderline between surreal and farcical. Props to the team for actually making shooting inside their house work. The key element holding this back from top marks was that the story was a bit uneven at times.


Great film and smart choice to cast a very good boy with a heart condition (handsome old doggo). Def earned some points there. Great story, executed fairly well. Only criticism would be the humour. There were a few moments where I was unsure if a moment was supposed to be a joke or serious. The use of awkward camera angles and movements while in the bath for example. Other than that, very well done and would watch again for sure.

Everyone loves to see a dog.
Most people love seeing two ripped dudes make-out in a tub.
This film cuts straight to the sex and then proceeds to become a bit of a clown car.
It packs as many people into a room as it can.
A few great one liners and a cameo by Hamish, who, I still have no idea how I know him..
But I do.. and he was great.
I'm sad to see this film DQ'd. But. It's a competition.
Good luck next year lads.

Dolly Zoom

Sad that this film was disqualified. Some great performances by human and dog alike. The story was pretty faithful to the given genre, however it was a little confusing as to why so many people showed up in the barhroom at once. Maybe a bit more focus on one or two people turning up rather than however many there were. Story felt as cramped as the people in that room. That said, I enjoyed the film. It was shot and edited well, and great job on sound. Better luck next year.