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The Secret Identity Movie
Wellington > 02

Amazing opening shot, like the sort of thing that makes your jaw drop with how impressively done it was. In fact despite no clear and apparent 'tricks' being done with the split screen I think you absolutely fucking nailed Ultra this year, as I could tell you got a ridiculous amount of coverage meaning there was never a dull moment. I liked how we as an audience were always drawn to our protagonist whether she was speaking, or because of her reactions as information came to light about her father and his secret superhero past. Beautiful looking film too. In terms of issues someone said to me there were missing vfx shots in the final cut? Also I noticed 3-4 absolutely minor audio pops, and the dialogue mix did seem markedly different from one shot to the next at times. Back to positivity; loved the boom mic drop for the 4th wall break requirement!. I'd like to see it again given so much was going on, and expect I will at the finals.

Gutted for this team. Ultra wiped another team out.
The things that still show through in this film is that the story had promise.
Sadly, Cine didn't take advantage of the split screen requirement in a creative way, other than it's first shot. Where other teams opted for a fairly static image on one side of the screen, using two square images. Cine went for a 4:1 ratio look and took the difficult editing route by showing the same people talking from two different angles on what must've been different takes on the same camera.
It's clear that they had a great set up but what was submitted had no sound mix, or VFX in a sound and VFX heavy film.
Cine tends to stick to the same formulas. An unhappy person who comes across a revelation and ends up in a neutral feeling world, so I was very pleased to see some risks being taken from this team. Although, unfinished, the piece is an exciting look into the way that cinetrance works and a step in maybe a new direction.
I'll give some stars though, because, as usual. Production quality was second to none.