Greener Grass

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The Opposites Attract Movie
Wellington > 02

I really liked this. I do think it should have ended on the city guy buying the farm and not doing the end sequence. That would have been super cool. The two main actors were both brilliant.

Very nice looking short with a couple of actors who had strong screen presence, with one being an office work junkie and the other being a chilled farm worker happy enough to live in the wopwops 30km away from civilisation. Most of the film was a 1 on 1 diatribe as the big city worker decided he had enough of the man, and came calling to the next door farm of his close friend. Will the animals agree with the city slicker and let him become Old MacDonald? Only time will tell. I guess my biggest issue with the film is that the strongest part of it is just a stand and talk scene that takes up the majority of the middle of the film. Yes there were bookends that made it all add up but to me it was in the good not great category because of this.

True to its genre and beautifully set up.
Characters felt genuine.
However, again. Exposition heavy. I would like to see this team challanged with a silent film, and see what they would create.
When they did do physical action, the comedic side to this team came out.
What comes to mind is the cow hearding scene.
A contender for my favorite line with 'get in the bin'