Leviticus 4:20


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The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Wellington > 02

We all have to leave the nest some time, but for Leviticus it seems like his parents are going to be taking care of their baby bird forever, even if that means driving down from Tirau to make sure his flat viewing goes smoothly. Unbeknownst to them the existing flatmates consist of Green Party supporters and a sexually liberal gay man. The dinosaur costumed flatmate was bizarrely random which I assume you were going for. I liked that this had a clear beginning, middle and end but audio was a bit muddied and camera shots were largely long shots pointing and shooting, when I could tell this team was bursting with energy and could have benefited from some more dynamic camerawork/editing.

Great lines in this. In particular
"missed a comma"
However, the Gay, the Christian, and the Hippy in me were all a bit offended.
A great core of an idea, where many types who wouldn't meet, collide.
But to try something this ambitious requires some more technical ability.

"Missed a coma" was my favourite line from this Heat.