My Wife is Dead and I am Sad

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The Secret Identity Movie
Wellington > 02

The title says it all, and whilst bleak in approach this was a well handled examination of trauma, support and coping with loss. I noticed the slight desaturation on the colour grade and thought this was a nice touch for the proceedings, as well as some strong focus shifts which seemed to me like they presented the protagonist's struggling mental state with some finesse. For some the ending would have been the surreal pick me up you intended it to be, but for mine it was quite a strong tonal shift. Also I know the weather was shitty on the shoot weekend in Wellington but I'd implore you to get out of your apartment for your next shoot.

I have respect for a film that takes great shortcuts.
The title of 41 dollars does that instantly and puts us in the world.
However, this is another of those films that tried to hit something beyond what it understood. Age the actors 25 years and it would have been very compelling as our character starts to let go and say goodbye.
Ultimately story is king, and I found this to be very sweet.
I'd like to see 41 dollars add a little more depth to its imagery. Pull characters away from walls and add elements into the fore and background.