Phones on The Farm

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The Real Time Movie
Wellington > 01

Oh man there was some absolutely outstanding first person camerawork in here, exploring the psyche of the girl on the run from a crazed pscyho on a farm who wanted her cellphone...unfortunately that was a miniscule amount of the film as most of it was long shots. Not that I minded too much as his attempts to manouevre and catch her quickly gave this an element of uneasiness and creepy sleaze due to his persistence and it feeling like he would want more than her cellphone if he caught her. Sinister stuff! Plot was threadbare but I'm giving this positive marks as I genuinely enjoyed the tone. Also alpacas.

Essentially, a man chases down a girl with a quad bike.
Love the location.
Brave use of outdoor locations.
The POV's were a great way to build tension, but the editing does need some work.
Fun watch overall, so give us some production value next year and we'll see a 5 star soon enough.