Killing Kate

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The Buddy Movie
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High energy buddy film as a couple of Xbox and sword loving lads fall head over heels for a girl they bump into on a school day. Just one problem, she has a boyfriend and these guys are clumsy to the max. Some ludicrous Monty Python-inspired humour combined with Weekend at Bernies, and a vengeful boyfriend to make an enjoyable short despite the theoretically grim subject matter. Super fast paced and self aware of priorities of many teenage boys. My advice would be to focus on sound and continuity as this had a couple of instances of things changing between shots that I noticed.

A Very funny film about two buddies who fall for a girl and then accidentally kill her. its an interesting idea and could make a really good full length film, its a little rough around the edges with some continuity errors but otherwise a good film. Good Job!!

Killing Kate is pure fun.
Straight into its genre.
Once this team has its technical skill up there, it will smoke up.
The ideas and tone were hilarious.
A great, GREAT, use of physical comedy (the sleeping bag and gun trip)
The 'she knew my name' line was absolutely stand out, along side characters such as 1920's gangster teen in bright green t-shirt.
The Katana start and finish was an excellent link

Honestly I enjoyed the concept and spin you made on the Buddy film genre, however you film was brimming with inexperience and poor camera work.