High school heist

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The Real Time Movie
Taranaki > 03

Students try to steal the examination answers. Well shot but I felt it ended abruptly and was left wondering, maybe thats my IQ. Good to see Waitara High in there representing.


A group of students have 5 minutes to get their test scores from the teacher's computer. This was a great effort by Waitara High School, especially given how challenging real-time is as a genre with the 5 minute time limit. SOme great performances by the actors, and effective use of the overhead shot of the teachers feet to increase the tension and drive the story. Nice opening shot, and a nice range of diverse shots used throughout. Great use of music as well to add to the tension, just be careful of the levels of the music compared to the dialog etc., but this is a common thing when you only have 48 hours to do everything. I also enjoyed the way the characters were labelled in the credits "girl who keeps looking at the camera" was a crack up. Well done team!