I've fallen in love and I can't get up

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The Generation Gap Movie
Taranaki > 03

Watch out world - Through the lens is on their way! This team surprised everyone last year and this year, did not disappoint with this humorous love story for the ages. Incredible makeup! Well done! And great to see the team step out and attempt something new with the animation. I expect this film to do well.


This team has evolved so well throughout the years. Delivered a solid offering this year as well. Good use of makeup. Great transition shots and a well delivered plot.


An elderly lady dips her toes back in the dating game after her husband passes. The opening shot here was very effective and it was cool to see how it circled back around later on. Absolutely FANTASTIC make up, I'm always thoroughly impressed withthis team's makeup and costuming, and those things really add to the quality of the films they make. Acting as always was top notch, and there were a lot of effective match cuts and things in the editing that were cool. It has been good to see this team try on different flavors after their first 2 years in the competition being apocalyptic type stories, and they have done them all well so far, so good job team!

I'm not sure if you're eligible for ultra IN your 5th year or AFTER, but hopefully these guys will sign up for the challenge when they can as I love seeing what they do with the elements :)

Really endearing characters, cute moments and cool use of animation effects, and Hannah Collinson is hilarious! Good job team.