Craig & Craig Party Planners

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The Buddy Movie
Taranaki > 03

Heaps of fun here. Great story about some 'stoners' that are party planners, it escalates when one of the team joins the band and all emotion breaks loose as the other realises he has lost his soul mate to the other side of entertainment. All is not lost though as a beautiful tribute is made. Loved the grainy approach and some real raw humour injected to carry the story.


Quite a funny film about friendship and making it big in the music industry with a wonderfully cheesy ending. Was a bit lost for a while on what was going on. I think the team tried to cram in as many funny moments without considering their storytelling should carry an audience seamlessly through. However it all came together toward the end and I had a good chuckle. Look forward to more films from this team! Lots of potential here.


Craig & Craig Party Planners go through the ups and downs of gig planning. This was a fun film to watch, and also a shame it got DQ'd. There were all kinds of genuinely funny moments throughout, and I loved the uniforms, fanny packs, and the silent guitar demo. Acting was great too! It did feel a bit like you'd tried to fit a feature length film into 5 minutes, which I guess is one of the challenges of writing for 48 hours, but it gave the film a different vibe to the others and it was still very much fun to watch. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun making it, so hope to see some more from you next year :)