Wrong Place WrongTime

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The Wrong Place / Wrong Time Movie
Taranaki > 03

Good literal attempt here. The music added to a simple plot. They kept it short, less than 2 minutes, and that added to the plot. Well done and keep it up!!!!


A mix up at a meet up has unintended consequences! This entry from a school team was a great effort. It had a clever premise and story line, and the music made for an intriguing opening. The text on the phone was a little hard to read because of the reflection on the screen, and remember to be careful about the 180 degree rule when filming. I liked the variety in the types of shots, and I can see the work from these guys improving quickly with more technical experience. This was a short and sweet film with a good concept, and a good reminder that a 48 hour film definitely doesn't need to be the full 5 minutes long to tell a story, so well done!