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The Musical OR Dance Movie
Taranaki > 03

Such a shame this was DQ'ed. This team challenged themselves with going ULTRA and then got dealt the 'Musical' genre. A clever use of split screen and and some fantastic humor. Grazed Knee should be proud of this effort.


Such a shame this film didn't make it in time for turn in, because it is such a laugh! This team had such a difficult task to make a split screen musical but they really pulled it off with their own style. Quite humorous with clever lyrics. Would have liked to have seen a 50/50 split screen. Overall this was fabulous. Fingers crossed for Best Disqualified!


Such a shame these guys got DQ'd, as this was a great film. Stayed very true to the musical nature in that the story was delivered through the songs, and the lyrics were great! The 4th wall break fit really well with the type of film so that was cool. I agree that it would have been nice to see some 50/50 or 40/60 type split screen in places rather than just picture in picture, although I know that PIP is way easier framing-wise and less work on the editing front, so given the ultra and regular 48 hours constraints it's understandable. Nice twist for the ending. It's the kind of ending tha thas been done before, but the journey to get there was so enjoyable and it was well delivered so it didn't feel predictable or boring, so well done on that! Great job Curtis and team :)