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The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Taranaki > 02
This year was a year of 'personal challenge' for me. All of my usual team mates were unavailable so it became a 'solo' year, then it became an Ultra solo year because only one team in Taranaki had entered before so they twisted my arm. And then because apparently I didn't think that was hard enough I watched a few youtube videos 2-3 days before the comp and made my first animation over the weekend. Wasn't expecting gross-out comedy, but I thought hey why not also combine some of the top genre suggestions since split screen is in there, so there's some state-sanctioned propaganda, and period piece if you will. Apologies in advance/retrospect. Writing by yourself takes you to weird places... Happy that I completed it though, and it's a gross-out comedy ultra solo musical animation so that's an achievement!

Wow. Great structure to the story, innovative way of telling it, or should I say singing it. Very entertaining. The words of the song matched so wonderfully the music. Definitely lived up to its genre. Loved it.


I LOVED this film SO much. I was blown away by what Hannah put together on her own in 48 hours. That alone is quite an achievement. But then you add the animation, the story, and the song! Oh my word. This is one I cannot wait to share with all my girlfriends. I haven't seen a 48 hour film that made me laugh this much. I believe I had tears. Wonderful work, Hannah. Keep it up.

Nailed the genre. Completely innovative idea. Great creation of song and humour.
Hannah completely challenged herself and it payed off. This film must have been in many of the awards talks. The audience didn’t stop laughing.
I must say, I had expected a top three placing for this years offering from Pastafarian productions.

Wow what an amazing, original short film. Was in tears of laughter the whole time, I think everyone was talking about this film afterwards. Was really really shocked that it didn't get a placing. I think Pastafarian productions has a great future ahead! Well done!


What a gem this is. I was surprised not to see it placed regionally as it was a real well thought out use of genre that is current with social trends at the moment. I also feel it has a life outside of 48 hours so hope to see it appear again elsewhere. Well deserved national nominations as well. Animation would be a difficult genre if you don't know what you're doing. The story is well carried with song. It's a very clever display of hard mahi. Good luck at the Nationals with your nominations. There will be laughs galore.

This is the second Ultra film I've seen that opted for a picture in picture approach rather than a split screen interestingly also a reaction video however where that reaction was more tacked on this was actually relevant to the story of the short. I'm always really impressed by animations in the 48 hours knowing just how much work goes into them but the pacing is always so pedestrian that the pacing starts to hold back the film. Perhaps that's a personal gripe on my part since none of the other reviewers are all that bothered.
Going with the genre you've got this guy doing a live stream reaction to a music video about mensuration and the song written for it is pretty catchy though I didn't actually catch on that she was singing "Oh, Aunt flo" until I saw the title of the song. Naturally being a male of the human species he just can't take it despite his boasts that he'll get through it easily. It works well enough it just doesn't have the polish, intensity of performance, and the pacing that it needs.

Super clever idea for split screen creating a Youtuber react video. Very funny song and impressed that this was a solo effort from a non-animator. While period gags might be a bit naff sometimes, it was a good idea making it a young boy reacting to a bad educational video. Very funny!

At first I thought the genre was musical because nobody would voluntarily make a musical, but slowly the gross out vibe gets stronger and stronger. Really funny that the grossest thing on screen is the gratuitous quantity of animated vomit, and not what the character is reacting to. The reaction video format is a really inventive use of split screen, initially it seemed like a cheap way to get out of too much animation, but then we are treated to three characters animated on screen by one animator at once! What a mammoth achievement. A solid 5/7 perfect score.