Maumahara Tonu

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The Coming-of-Age Movie
Taranaki > 02

A girl remembers her father. This film was beautifully shot. The opening was intriguing and drew me into the story right away, and the music choice was spot on for the nature of the film (amazing to have access to that track and smart idea to use it!). I really, really liked the concept, and the use of the pounamu to link her childhood with now. The tunnel metaphor was also appropriate and well executed. In a few places, it looked like some footage may have been filmed in a different frame rate to the finished export as the camera movements looked a bit jittery, but it's very easy to do that in 48 hours especially if you've got several devices you're filming on!

In terms of a coming of age story, it would have been nice to see a little more internal conflict and growth within the girl in the narrative, as once we'd seen her older, and younger, there wasn't too much of a journey/character arc. But having said that, the visuals combined with the music meant this was really touching and I enjoyed watching it regardless. And boy that water must have been COLD! One of my favorites from the heats so well done!


I really enjoyed this movie and was guessing to who had died when. The music and cinematography matched with the story so beautifully. One of my favourites. We had filmed there a few years ago, lovely spot for creating atmosphere.


Beautiful cinematography. I loved the music. I really enjoyed the storytelling without words. Beautiful! The storyline was slightly vague and some of the shots held a bit too long. Would have been amazing with some more varietal shots, close-ups, emotions in the face. Otherwise, really well done. Looking forward to next year's!