Behind the Scenes

by THS

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The Wrong Place / Wrong Time Movie
Hamilton > 04

Lots of laughs from the crowd when the meta-concept was introduced- very true to life in its representation of the Friday night writing stage.
The main problem with this one for me was that you stuck solidly to the 'behind the scenes' concept for so long before introducing the obviously fictional aspect that I was seriously wondering if you'd actually made a film at all. There were moments early-on where it was hinted at (a mention of "weird people outside") but I think it could have been picked up on sooner. Will expect a sequel next year!
the chloroform tea towel was a stand-out prop for the heat.

Cool idea! Started out strong.
For a while there I was convinced that you had made a short, finished it, and then decided that the Behind-The-Scenes you had also made was better and gone with that. The classic "writer writes a novel about a writer who has writer's block" but about the 48! Then it got dark and spoopy and I'm looking forward to the sequel!