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The Nature Run Amok Movie
Hamilton > 04

There's obviously something in the water as the other 'Nature Run Amok' has uncanny similarities to this one! (full disclosure: I'm in that other team).
A lone woman menaced by an unknown force in a vaguely post-apocalyptic setting.
the team that made the other one!)
I'm finding it difficult to review this one without referring to our one because you used so many ideas that we were also spitballing. You are far more competent with practical effects than we are- the finale with the vines coming to life and all that looks great, and the branch breaking the window was a really cool shot.
The fourth wall breaking was quite bizarre and didn't sit right with the rest of the film- breaks the immersion in the setting you've created.

Okay, here are my notes from the heat:
"Colour blues nice. Long-take impressive with framing. Some very good camera work. Intriguing story had me hooked! Plants awesome [which I think at the time meant "convincing and not overdone, excellent!"]."